Sheer beauty…

Sammy and Diana..there was a time

and now a few words from…

Lapo Elkann,Italian founder of Lifestyle brand Italia Independent.

” Like every good Italian I like my espresso in the morning.

The word,the sound,the smell,it’s the best! I take mine with sugar.

The long American coffee is a punishment for me.

It’s juice from a sock.”

Call your Mom….

Happy Mothers Day

Bonne fête des mères

Felice Festa della Mamma

Feliz Día de la Madre

Feliz Dia das Mães

אמא מאושרת של יום

Red Daria…

I love that she is barefoot…

Inspiration of the day…

Behold the master…

The best 45 odd minutes anyone interested in fashion could spend today, and truly inspirational.Many thanks to Miss M.for sharing this….(as well as OWN)

I look forward to following


Steve and Ali….There was a Time

Casa Solaris


A genius is gone…

The man who influenced a generation,Vidal Sassoon,passed today in Los Angeles.

Mr. Sassoon was 84.

He will sorely be missed because…

“if you don’t look good,we don’t look good”